Amber necklaces for kids

All amber necklaces we offer for sale are made from 100% authentic real Baltic amber (true amber). We dot used pressed, melted or reconstructed amber. Our necklaces are made from natural amber chips . Ordering amber from us you are guaranteed to get true Baltic amber jewelry items.

Baltic Amber necklaces for children are made for both girls and boys! The approximate length of amber necklaces is 12.6 – 14.2 inches or 32 – 36 centimetres; bracelet/anklet 5.5-6.3 inches or 14-16 centimetres.

● Material: Natural Baltic amber (with our guarantee)
● Length: approx. 34 cm (13.5inch).
● Security-tested
● Colors: Lemon, Bright cognac, middle cognac, dark cognac, multicolor
● Shapes: Flat baroque, Baroque, French style: natural, Olive beads, Multi forms.
● Single knotted: Thread stands traction of min. 90N – no arising of small parts
● Clasp: New constructed safety lock made of plastics: no danger of allergic